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Microsoft has increased the data limit for the free Edge Secure Network feature in the Edge browser from 1 GB to 5 GB. This allows users to run more data traffic over a secure connection.

The expansion from 1 GB to 5 GB allows users of the free feature to route more data traffic securely. The Edge Secure Network feature has been rolled out by Microsoft in its Edge browser for a year.

ESN functionality

The service allows users to route data traffic through an encrypted tunnel. This enables a secure connection. This way, URLs, even those with an insecure HTTP connection, can be visited securely. It then becomes complicated for hackers to intercept browsing data.

Edge Secure Network does not replace all VPN functionality, such as setting a preferred location or accessing blocked streaming content. However, it allows revisiting torrent sites blocked by ISPs, for example.

Routing technology from Cloudflare

Under the hood, the service uses Cloudflare’s routing technology. Users must log in with their Microsoft account to use Edge Secure Network. This allows the tech giant to monitor the end user’s data usage.

Microsoft further states that user data is not shared with Cloudflare while using Edge Secure Network.

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