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NetSuite offers ERP training with Guided Learning

NetSuite offers ERP training with Guided Learning

NetSuite will launch Guided Learning. The step-by-step guidance in the ERP platform helps users learn about system functionality and features.

“To fully maximise software investments and adapt to evolving needs, businesses must provide employees continuous learning opportunities. This requires expert training resources and support that is accessible, convenient, and comprehensible – all of which may not be available in-house,” said David Rodman, senior vice president of customer success at Netsuite.

Two options

To this end, Guided Learning consists of two types of guides. First, there are Role-Based Guides. These guides are customized for different employee roles. This allows employees to learn all about the dashboards and tabs intended for them. For example, this is useful for salespeople, who use the training to discover where to find the latest information about leads and activities.

The other training option NetSuite calls Key Task Guides. With this option, employees receive more interactive training for key functionality of the NetSuite platform. This could include help in personalizing a dashboard or creating shortcuts. The goal of this training option is to maximize employee productivity and efficiency.

NetSuite will make the trainings available for free in 27 languages on its platform next year. The press release does not specify which languages those are.

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