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ChatGPT app now on Android, but only outside the EU

ChatGPT app now on Android, but only outside the EU

OpenAI has launched its ChatGPT mobile app for Android. This app has only been rolled out in a few countries and is not yet available in Europe.

The arrival of the Android app for OpenAI’s generative AI tool has been a long time coming. A ChatGPT mobile app for iOS has been available for some time.

Unlike OpenAI’s iOS app, which is available in 150 different countries, the Android app is currently available in only a few countries: the U.S., India, Bangladesh and Brazil. According to OpenAI, more countries will be added in the coming week.

What is remarkable, of course, is that the Android app has not yet been rolled out in Europe. Countries in our region will therefore have to wait for the further rollout of the app.


Both mobile applications offer the full free functionality of the tool that is also available in the web version. Also, chat histories on multiple devices can be synchronized with each other. In addition, it is possible to enter into conversations with the generative AI tool via voice. The latter using OpenAI’s open-source speech recognition technology Whisper.

By default, the mobile app uses the underlying GPT-4 LLM model, while the web version uses the GPT-3.5 LLM model for the free version and GPT-4 for the paid version of GPT Plus. Through the mobile app, image uploading is not possible. However, this functionality is possible in GPT Plus.

GPT Business

Furthermore, both mobile apps are expected to be compatible with GPT Business soon. This paid business GPT version is likely to be launched soon and is suitable for companies or other business users who want more control over the use of their own data.

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