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Meta’s Threads gets search functionality and web access

Meta’s Threads gets search functionality and web access

Meta is giving its “X (Twitter)-killer” Threads new functionality. Among other things, the platform is getting search functionality and a web version is becoming available. Users’ requests to provide the platform with more functionality will thus be partially met. Hashtags are not yet coming to Threads.

In a post on his own Threads account, Meta CEO Marc Zuckerberg indicated that developments of the micro-blogging service are moving at a rapid pace. More specifically, search functionality will be added to the platform and it will also be possible to use Threads via a web version.

When exactly this functionality will be introduced, he did not disclose. The move is said to take place in the “coming weeks”.

Furthermore, Zuckerberg states that the Threads community, or the number of subscribers, is steadily building. According to him, at least enough to make Threads a “long-lasting and vibrant” app.

Stagnation in signups

Threads has been available since July of this year as an alternative to X, formerly Twitter, among others. In the first weeks after its launch, the number of subscribers increased steadily, despite the fact that the social media application is not yet available in the EU for privacy reasons.

In recent weeks, however, the number of sign-ups has stagnated. Experts say the stagnation is due to the fact that the service is now no longer “new” and the functionality is still limited. The introduction of search functionality and a Web version should remedy this somewhat. However, many users are still clamoring for more features, such as the arrival of hashtags.

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