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ChatGPT gives all users more control over answers

ChatGPT gives all users more control over answers

OpenAI is adding functionality that gives more control over ChatGPT’s answers, making it available to all users. This includes users of the free version of the generative AI tool, according to the latest release notes.

The functionality in question was already made available in beta in July of this year, but at the time only for end users of the paid version ChatGPTPlus. So-called “custom instructions” allow users to add various preferences and requirements to their search queries. In this way, they can then ‘ask’ the generative AI tool to consider these in its answers.

This should save ChatGPT users time because they no longer have to repeat certain search questions. For example, teachers can impose instructions that they want a lesson plan for a particular year group and that it relates to all subsequent search questions.

Available to all

The features are now becoming available to all end users, including those of the free version. The functionality will also be available in the iOS and Android mobile applications. The feature would work even when users turned off their chat history.

The functionality will be rolled out for users in the EU and UK in the coming weeks.

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