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Microsoft ends support for PostScript fonts as well

Microsoft ends support for PostScript fonts as well

PostScript Type 1 fonts are no longer directly supported. Microsoft was just about the last party still supporting this font. It is now changing that, having already done so for Adobe earlier this year. However, there are still workarounds.

The PostScript Type 1 fonts dating back to the 1980s and widely used for desktop publishing are no longer supported by various software providers. More or less last, Microsoft discontinued support for these particular fonts in its latest version of Office for Mac.

More specifically, support for these types of fonts has been discontinued for the various Microsoft 365 versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook for Mac. Support is also discontinued for the standalone versions of these applications in Office 2019 and 2021. Support for PostScript Type 1 fonts was previously stopped in Office for Windows in 2013.

Adobe support also discontinued

With the termination, Microsoft follows Adobe, which already discontinued support in January this year. LibreOffice, an open source Office variant and useful for opening old Word files, discontinued support for this type in the middle of last year.

Instead of PostScript Type 1 fonts, the open source OpenType font format is now used. This font format is now the main font format for all operating systems and software.

Alternative solutions

Users who want to view documents based on PostScript Type 1 need not despair for now. There are several workarounds available with third-party software. In addition, these fonts can still be installed in old versions of macOS and in recent versions of Windows 10 and 11.

Adobe indicates that the fonts still render well in PDF and EPS files, but only as long as they serve for printing a document or as a graphic element. Changing text in these fonts in documents is no longer possible.

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