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Meta is officially releasing the web version of Threads. This allows Meta’s latest social media experience to compete even better with X, formerly known as Twitter.

Threads officially has a web version. As with the mobile version of the social media platform, the web version is not available in Europe. The rollout began on Tuesday and is expected to take several days.

Interesting for professional purposes

Offering a web version of Threads could potentially tap into a new market of users. A web version is mainly interesting to deploy the platform for professional purposes, as the screen is bigger and it is easier to create long messages and keep track of everything happening.

The social media platform can thus try to compete more strongly with X in user numbers, as recent figures showed that X currently has nothing to fear. The number of daily active users on X is ten times the number currently achieved by Threads. Moreover, many users appear to have already dropped out of the platform.

More functionalities

Earlier, Meta announced not only the web version of Threads but also a search functionality to come to the platform. With this, Meta wants to respond to users’ requests for more functionality to be made available. Hashtags are another frequently requested feature.