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Google Bard integrates with Gmail, Docs and YouTube and speaks 40 languages

Google Bard integrates with Gmail, Docs and YouTube and speaks 40 languages

Google has now integrated its generative AI chatbot Bard with a range of its business applications. Furthermore, the AI chatbot now supports 40 languages.

With the now-released updates, users of various Google (productivity) apps, as well as the Google Flights and Hotels applications, can ask questions directly in the search interface. Bard will then search for the answer.

The functionality was added via extensions that can be turned on and off in Google Bard. The on and off buttons for Gmail, Docs and Drive are bundled into a bundled extension for Google Workspace, while Flights, Hotels, Maps and YouTube have individual buttons.

Google indicates that any information retrieved via a Bard search query in Gmail, Docs and Drive has no human control. The search query will also not be used to generate ads and personal information will never be used to train Bard. Within Europe, there are already stricter privacy principles for the AI assistant anyway.

New Bard updates

In addition to the new functionality, Bard has recently received some updates that should mainly improve the reliability of the generated content. With these updates, the generative AI chatbot will use the latest version of its PaLM AI model, PaLM 2.

Users asking a search question in English can evaluate an answer for reliability by clicking on a G icon. Bard will then evaluate whether the produced content answers to public information on the internet or contradicts it.

It is now also possible to ask a search question in 40 languages. However, the reliability of the answer cannot yet be checked in languages other than English.

Building on conversations from others

Finally, users can build their conversations with Bard based on conversations others have held. To do this, users must share their conversations via public links. Then, users can start additional conversations based on the same topic or as a starting point for a conversation in the same context.

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