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Google will discontinue the HTML version of Gmail by early 2024

Google will discontinue the HTML version of Gmail by early 2024

Google will stop supporting Gmail in Basic HTML starting January 2024. As of that month, Gmail will only be operational in Standard view.

End users can still use their Gmail in an HTML view until January next year. From that month on Google is going to stop supporting this option, the tech giant announced.

The Gmail Basic HTML option is in the old version of Gmail, before the introduction of the newer versions in 2013. The old versions do not offer the full Gmail functionality. In addition, the Basic HTML version of Gmail is designed for slower connections and older browsers. As a result, the Basic HTML version is at the end of its life cycle. The tech giant confirmed this to The Register.

Google’s decision did raise concerns among end users. The decision will particularly impact the visually impaired. The Basic HTML version would furthermore already be harder to find in recent months.

Previously phased-out services

Google often scraps services and products that it no longer wants as part of its core business, brings in too little with ads or cannot compete with equivalent products. The RSS reader, Google Wave and Google Code suffered the same fate.

The free version of G Suite was also under consideration but was eventually retained after many complaints from end users.

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