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Microsoft delays rollout of IoT add-on in Microsoft 365 E5 tier

Microsoft delays rollout of IoT add-on in Microsoft 365 E5 tier

Microsoft is delaying the introduction of an IoT security add-on in its enterprise Microsoft 365 E5 tier. This is due to unexpected ‘system challenges’. Partners already aware of the add-on’s pricing are urged not to sell the product in the meantime.

In a message to partners, Microsoft indicates that it is delaying the release of the so-called “Microsoft Defender for IoT – Enterprise Internet of Things Device License” add-on for its Microsoft 365 E5 tier. The reason for this postponement is said to be the tech giant has encountered unexpected ‘system challenges’.

Price list already going out to partners

The add-on was supposed to become available this month but has now been delayed until Nov. 1 of this year. Partners received a price list of licenses for the delayed add-on simultaneously with the postponement notice.

Also, the licenses would already be on sale, but partners should ignore that and not sell the product to customers for now. Microsoft has yet to comment on the facts, writes The Register.

Microsoft 365 E5 tier

Microsoft 365 E5 is a comprehensive business SaaS bundle from the tech giant. It gives businesses a range of productivity applications, Teams Calling and Power BI. The bundle further features various advanced functionality, including security tools, compliance, voice and analytics capabilities not available in other bundles.

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