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Adobe possibly expanding its AI video tools with acquisition of Rephrase.ai

Adobe possibly expanding its AI video tools with acquisition of Rephrase.ai

Adobe is strengthening its portfolio of AI tools with the acquisition of intelligent text-to-video specialist Rephrase.ai. This is brought by the Economic Times based on sources. The tool is mainly to strengthen the Adobe Creative Cloud portfolio.

The acquisition of India’s Rephrase.ai has not been officially confirmed by either party. Only a LinkedIn post by the owner of Rephrase.ai acknowledges the acquisition but does not give more details about the acquirer than a ‘leading tech giant’. If it is Adobe, Adobe is mainly strengthening its portfolio of generative AI solutions, writes the Indian newspaper Economic Times. More specifically, the generative AI solutions and functionality within its Adobe Creative Cloud portfolio.

Strengthening Adobe generative AI portfolio

The creative software giant has recently been ramping up its cloud-based Adobe Creative Cloud software portfolio with generative AI functionality. According to a leaked internal memo from Adobe, the acquisition should particularly strengthen the generative AI video solutions within this portfolio.

Functionalities of the Rephrase solution

Rephrase.ai provides a tool that allows users to create professional videos based on written text. The text is thereby “presented” or spoken by a digital avatar. To create the video, users only need to choose a template, avatar and voice of their choice and enter the text.

Een schermafdruk van een videoscherm met een vrouw erop.

The Rephrase tool turns that into a professional video, with the avatar presenting with the chosen voice. Users can customize the video with different backgrounds, add timed pauses between words and add the audio they want.

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