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Bard with Gemini Pro is not yet available in Europe

Bard with Gemini Pro is not yet available in Europe

Google recently unveiled the next-generation AI model, Gemini 1.0. To let the public experiment with the model, it is already been added to Google’s AI chatbot. But Bard does not change today for Europe and will not do so for some time.

By now, it is almost becoming a habit that Google is not immediately bringing new AI products to Europe. For Bard with Gemini Pro, the situation is no different. 170 countries have had the more advanced version of Bard since yesterday, but none of them are European countries. One possible reason is that the latest version of the AI chatbot can currently only answer English prompts.

Google promises that the addition of Gemini Pro will allow the AI chatbot to better reason, plan and understand. Prompts that combine multiple tasks should not be a problem. This is reflected in the announcement, in which the tech giant states that Gemini Pro beat GPT-3.5 on six out of eight benchmark tests.

Bard Advanced in 2024

Gemini Pro is Gemini’s mid-range model; it is not the most powerful variant, and neither the least powerful. Gemini Ultra, the model developed to successfully complete the most abstract tasks, will power a new variant of Bard next year.

Starting with Bard Advanced, a user’s input is no longer limited to text. It is also possible to provide images, audio, video or code.

The information Google releases about this chatbot variant is currently very limited. There is a possibility that Bard Advanced will carry a price as a pro version. Google has a more powerful model on its hands with Gemini Ultra than GPT-4, which OpenAI also makes available only via a paid subscription. Bard, with the addition of Gemini Pro, which is now available outside Europe, can only win the battle from the free version of ChatGPT.

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