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Temporary fix for Wi-Fi connection issues after Windows 11 updates available

Temporary fix for Wi-Fi connection issues after Windows 11 updates available

Update, Laura Herijgers, 20/12/2023, 5:40 PM: Microsoft acknowledges the problems the latest Windows 11 updates can cause. Corporate networks also appear to be affected by the latest problems. The company also proposes a solution: Known Issue Rollback.

It is not a patch to end the connection problems but rolls back the device into the previous version of the operating system. Microsoft still indicates that it is a temporary solution and that it is working on a long-term solution for the problem.

Original, Floris Hulshoff Pol, 19/12/2023, 11:28 AM: The December 2023 Patch Tuesday for Windows 11 is causing problems with Wi-Fi connections. Especially business networks with so-called fast-transition/fast-roaming technology are experiencing problems.

The recently released KB5033375 cumulative update and preview update KB50532288 for Windows 11 has led to a storm of complaints about Wi-Fi connectivity problems. Users are raising the issues on various forums, including Reddit, X and Microsoft’s own community platform.

Business networks especially affected

The Wi-Fi connectivity problems allegedly caused by the Windows 11 updates seem to primarily affect business networks. Specifically, the networks of universities and other educational institutions seem to be involved. That’s because the updates cause problems in wireless networks that feature special technology to make the handover of connected devices between access points as smooth as possible. These include network technologies such as ubcsecure, ubcprivate and eduroam.

In addition, only Windows 11 devices are affected. Update issues with devices still running Windows 10 are not known. Nor are problems with consumer home networks known.

Workaround available

There is, however, a workaround available for the problem. Windows 11 users can uninstall the relevant recently released updates. After this process, however, they must “hide” the updates to make them invisible in the update list within Windows Update.

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