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New capabilities of Windows Copilot make the AI assistant more useful. Among other things, Microsoft is adding plug-ins that connect to third-party applications, which should make PC use more straightforward with AI.

Microsoft is continuing to add new features to Copilot. Within the 365 portfolio, there are several AI assistants with this name; standing above them, Windows Copilot is meant to simplify the OS user experience. Settings will now also be adjustable via AI, simply by addressing the chatbot via the Copilot button in the taskbar (or on the keyboard of new laptops).

Central to the recent announcement are plug-ins. Microsoft is now connecting Windows Copilot to applications such as OpenTable, Shopify, Klarna and Kayak. It means that within the chatbot window, users can place a reservation for a restaurant or look up prices for flights, among other things. As usual with generative AI, all of this can be done in relatively simple language.

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New skills

In addition to plug-ins, Windows Copilot has mastered a number of new skills. Starting in March, users will be able to adjust system settings via AI. Microsoft cites as an example that the battery-saving mode can be turned on directly with the chatbot.

On its own, this option is not too unique. Currently, this mode can be turned on via the Windows button by searching for “Battery” in settings. This does not always work, as the search function can also access the Web. In fact, the AI function walks around the fickle nature of this feature.

Two other features, meanwhile, have already been added to the Preview version of Windows Copilot. For example, “Generative Erase” makes it possible to remove objects from photos within the Photos app. This is also possible on many smartphones within their photo apps, so it effectively brings the desktop and laptop worlds to parity. In addition, users can now remove silences from Clipchamp, making a recorded conversation a lot smoother to watch back.

Windows Copilot has not yet been rolled out worldwide, as it happens, but Microsoft hopes to make the tool fully available in Europe starting in March. The AI assistant can already be activated via a detour, although not all functions will work then. Either way, Windows 11 24H2 will count as this year’s major update, which will focus on AI capabilities.

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