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Across the Fusion Cloud Applications Suite, GenAI capabilities are becoming available to users. In addition, customers will get more capabilities in Fusion Data Intelligence. These developments should give ERP, SCM, HCM and CX a good kick up the AI behind.

During Oracle CloudWorld in London, Oracle doesn’t hold back when it comes to AI news. That is not particularly surprising in itself, since the company has been beating the AI drum for quite some time. Its latest quarterly results also made it clear that AI is a strong driver of its good results. So more AI should bring more success.

We list the additions to the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite below. As is often the case with GenAI, they are all tools to better understand, find explanations, generate, summarize and recommend things. However, that has different applications in different parts of the Suite.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning

Within Fusion Cloud ERP, part of the application of GenAI is about gaining insight based on analyzing patterns. Think of variations and anomalies in the ERP environment. There’s a new capability that creates a narrative of this, as Oracle calls it. The idea is that this provides context and ultimately leads to better ERP decisions. In addition, it is also possible to produce reports based on this context and data that show exactly where what is and is not going well.

Furthermore, there is also new functionality around explaining forecasts. People working in finance can now use GenAI to create a good story around forecasting. So this functionality explains why a forecast is the way it is and gives the necessary context to models that make forecasts.

Finally, projects should also be easier to explain with the new features Oracle is announcing today. For example, there is a feature that allows employees to quickly put together executive summaries of a project to communicate the status of a project. The plans for projects themselves can also be better explained using the new functionality.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Manufacturing

SCM also gets new GenAI capabilities. For example, from now on it will be possible for product specialists to quickly generate product descriptions using GenAI. This should save a lot of time and errors and should therefore also greatly improve the quality of descriptions. The same goes for creating new suppliers. With the new GenAI additions to SCM, this should also be a lot faster and better. Another advantage is that you also have much better insights into who your suppliers are.

Within procurement, GenAI in Fusion Cloud SCM should ensure that the people working there can negotiate better. The idea is that this feature gives procurement people a quick summary that helps with negotiations.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management

When searching for new employees, GenAI can also add value. At least that’s the impression we get from looking at some of the new features in Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM. For example, it can help employees in the HR department quickly set up pages for different job categories. On the other hand, the new features also allow candidates to know relatively quickly whether a position is right for them. They are shown a summary of how well they qualify for the job. Let’s hope it doesn’t only look at some bullet points on a CV and in a job description, and really helps connect the right people to the right jobs.

Then, once a candidate is convinced that the job is a match, there is a new feature that helps candidates find frequently asked questions. This will keep candidates interested and keen to continue with the process towards (hopefully) a new job.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience

CX is a critical component for many organizations. Within Fusion Cloud CX, Oracle has therefore made the necessary additions. For example, starting today, there is the ability to use GenAI to create summaries of chat sessions between call center employees and customers.

In addition to summaries, GenAI is also tasked with generating good content based on input from satisfied customers. The company can use this content in their sales processes. Whether this content will do better than the stories companies are using now remains to be seen, of course. In any case, it will be a bit faster to “write” them. And that’s ultimately what it’s all about. After all, this potentially gets deals closed faster. For people working in the marketing department, the same added value of the new GenAI capabilities applies. They too should now be able to create better content for their campaigns faster.

AI in Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence

The additions to the Fusion Cloud Applications Suite, however, aren’t the entire story. Companies using them can also benefit from deeper insights into the components. That can be understood with the help of Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence. This service, of course, also runs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, as do the Fusion Cloud Apps.

The new AI capabilities in Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence impact all four components of the Fusion Cloud Application Suite. Within ERP, this includes better prediction of risks in terms of payments and expenses. For SCM, it’s more about optimizing the supply chain, for example, when it comes to on-time delivery and reducing supplier risk, among other things. HCM can use it to predict what kind of staff is needed and provide insight into how to close skills gaps. CX, combined with Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence, involves predicting churn, among other things, as well as determining the best prices.

Clearly, Oracle is not done with (Gen)AI yet. It is adding it to more and more components at an increasing pace. That in itself makes sense, because if you have the capabilities in the underlying infrastructure (i.e. OCI) anyway, you’d be crazy not to use it in the software that runs on top of it it. So that is what Oracle is clearly doing now. On the face of it, these are practical and useful additions that can really help organizations. Of course, the outcomes have to be good, otherwise there’s no benefit. We can’t say anything about that at this point. However, these are not extremely complicated applications of (Gen)AI that Oracle is adding today, so we do expect it all to work properly.

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