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The Outlook app, at least the classic version, now provides direct access to Microsoft’s GenAI tool Copilot. Other features announced include new RSVP settings and integrations for Loop.

Microsoft recently announced several new features for Outlook’s Windows app. The mail application now features a direct link to the GenAI tool Copilot. However, this feature is currently only in preview within the classic version. Previously, such direct integration was available in Microsoft Teams.

The direct Copilot link in Outlook helps users summarize e-mail conversations and compose emails.

The link is available within Outlook in the sidebar on the left. Direct links to Word, Excel or PowerPoint are also available here. Later this month, the Copilot feature will become available for the new version of Outlook as well. The Copilot link’s final rollout should occur in June of this year.

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More Outlook improvements on the way

In addition to Copilot, the new Outlook app will get new RSVP settings starting this July. These settings should improve the user experience when recipients reply to meeting invitations. Among other things, the invitation will not be deleted after a response is made. Outlook will automatically reject when the calendar indicates the recipient is busy.

From June onwards, when an email conversation is part of a scheduled meeting, a detail pane showing more info about the meeting will appear. This will give participants more context about the who, what, and where of the meeting, help them keep track, and help them prepare an RSVP message.

Further integration has also been announced for users of the co-creation tool Loop, who also have a Copilot license. They can now use Copilot in this app when pasting Loop components into the Teams app, Outlook or Meeting Notes.

Google also integrates GenAI into Workspace

Microsoft is not the only tech giant rapidly integrating GenAI features with its various business apps. Google, too, is now allowing its various apps in Google Workspace, such as Gmail and Drive, to be searched by its own GenAI assistant, Gemini.

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