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Apple is nearing a deal with OpenAI to integrate the technology behind ChatGPT into iOS 18, the latest version of its iPhone operating system.

The deal likely means that locally hosted AI functionality will become available on phones capable of running iOS 18. Privacy and security are important conditions for Apple to roll out its AI strategy. Hence the focus on local AI, Bloomberg reports, which relies on anonymous sources close to Apple for the news.

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Apple does not seem to be putting all its eggs in one basket however, as talks are ongoing with Google regarding using its LLM Gemini. In addition, Apple is working on its own MM1 model. At the WWDC24 developer conference on June 10, Apple is expected to share more about the company’s AI plans.

External expertise

In any case, Apple has no problem leaning on external expertise for AI integration in upcoming versions of iOS. The latest version is expected to enable a wide range of AI features, for which the company will use the computing power of its own M4 chip. This will be present in the latest iPads and the iPhone 16, which is coming soon.

For cloud-based AI, Apple plans to equip the necessary servers with its own chips, similar to those in Mac computers. Presumably, Apple will eventually offer a combination of local and cloud-based AI, allowing the company to have more control over issues such as privacy, security, and reliability.

Wait-and-see attitude

Apple remained remarkably quiet amid the AI hype compared to its competitors. Its wait-and-see attitude suits the company. For example, it was by no means the first smartphone maker, but when it finally launched the iPhone in 2007, this device completely disrupted the competition.

Later on, the company has maintained this approach. For example, features regularly appear much later on iOS than on Android, but when they do, they suit Apple’s style. In doing so, it gladly uses technology developed by other parties. For example, the default search engine on Apple devices is competitor Google’s.

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