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Microsoft has solved the problems surrounding the Windows 10 October 2018 update. Users can simply install the latest operating system update. It also wants to help users who have experienced problems and have lost files to recover the documents.

In a blog post Microsoft writes that it has found the cause of the problem. The update will now be rolled out in a beta to Windows Insiders. If the update doesn’t seem to have any major problems, it will be made more widely available and anyone can still update his or her device.

Solution to the problem

Microsoft states that it deliberately rolls out updates very slowly if problems are discovered. The fact that this tactic works is all the more obvious, because Microsoft discovered this problem and was able to ensure that not too many people were affected by it. Only in a very small number of cases it was found that the update to Windows 10 October 2018 files were lost.

In order to do so, certain institutions had to stand in a certain way. If not, no documents, photos or videos were lost. For people who have had the misfortune to actually lose files, Microsoft has set up a helpline. It cannot guarantee that all files will be restored, but has special software that should help.

New update

The latest update for Windows 10 brings a number of new features to the operating system. For example, users will have access to a completely new clipboard. This now works in the cloud and makes it possible to easily and quickly transfer documents to other devices. Screenshots can also be edited directly and quickly, and the Timeline is now also available on smartphones via a special app.

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