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The demand for Kubernetes knowledge is growing rapidly, according to an analysis carried out by CyberArk. Over the past two years, demand for Kubernetes specialists has increased by 810 percent. At the same time, there are concerns about the security of container environments because of the need for closer collaboration between developers and security teams.

CyberArk states that Kubernetes knowledge is for the first time common in job descriptions of popular IT functions. The company sees this as a clear sign that Kubernetes is rising strongly throughout the entire organisation. DevOps Engineers and developers are the most prominent roles in which Kubernetes knowledge is required, with 40 percent and 22 percent respectively.


However, there appears to be a large knowledge gap when it comes to securing container environments. In particular, DevOps specialists fall short in the localization and protection of privileged accounts and secret in the environments. Two-thirds of the interviewees do not know how to recognize this valuable, sensitive information. This disadvantage can lead to dangerous situations, given the growth of Kubernetes.

CyberArk’s DevOps Security Lead Josh Kirkwood warns of the great danger that companies will look too much at IT and business benefits, while the security risks are underestimated. “If privileged accounts are not managed in Kubernetes environments and attackers come in, they can take control of an entire IT infrastructure,” says Kirkwood.

The DevOps Security Lead continues that many companies appoint DevOps developers to secure new Kubernetes environments without specific security knowledge. This is in addition to the other responsibilities they already have. Kirkwood doesn’t call that long lasting. Also, security teams need to work more closely with the developers to support the platform.

Kirkwood concludes by saying that the growing demand for Kubernetes specialists must go hand in hand with better cooperation between teams in order to properly protect secrets and account data in a container workflow.

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