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Adobe comes with Photoshop for iPad and AR capabilities

Adobe comes with Photoshop for iPad and AR capabilities

Adobe Systems is expanding its flagship, the Creative Cloud, with a number of new products. The company embraces the rise of augmented reality, voice apps and YouTube. Many of the additions are therefore mainly to enable the Creative Cloud to acquire a market share in still emerging areas.

The new products and features were unveiled at the Adobe Max event last Monday. Adobe showed Project Aero, among other things, but there are also other new announcements that can be quite interesting.

Augmented reality

Perhaps the most striking new addition is Project Aero. This is a tool that can be used to develop content for augmented reality. Using Sensei’s artificial intelligence, Aero can transform graphic designs from Photoshop and other Creative Cloud applications into 3D models for augmented reality. Content that is created within Aero can also be pasted directly onto the images that the camera makes of the user.

With Project Aero, the Creative Cloud could just be an interesting and striking alternative to other frameworks with which AR applications can be built. Companies that develop content for this could even save costs, because less AR-specialist work is needed for this. Designers who are already familiar with Photoshop can now easily develop an AR model.

Quickly edit videos

Adobe also comes up with a new version of the XD application prototyping tool that includes the ability to add interface elements that you control with your voice. Developers can now use the tool as part of projects that focus on platforms such as Amazons Alexa.

Other digital platforms with which Adobe can now also be a little more established. Think of Premiere Rush, a video editing app that allows content creators to quickly create and publish videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. The tool is very easy to use and automates a number of tasks. Thanks to Sensei, Premiere Rush can turn down background music as soon as someone starts talking.

Photoshop and the iPad

Finally, Adobe Photoshop has now also optimized for the iPad. The app uses the same code as the desktop version, but has an interface specifically designed for touch control. According to the company, a new file format had to be developed, called Cloud PSD. This format allows users to work on a project on multiple devices.

Adobe also comes up with an alternative editing app for the iPad called Project Gemini. It has a lot of design elements that are also present in Photoshop.

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