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Paessler and Sigfox start collaboration for IOT adoption gear

Paessler and Sigfox start collaboration for IOT adoption gear

Paessler AG and Sigfox have started a collaboration, which gives joint customers the opportunity to monitor and manage their business-critical Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure more effectively. Paessler AG is a specialist in innovative solutions for network monitoring. Sigfox offers connectivity for IoT.

Paessler enables integration with PRTG Network Monitor as part of the collaboration. The software monitors and visualises the functionality and measurements of Sigfox IoT sensors. It does the same for other objects, devices and machines equipped with Sigfox connectivity.

The software can be used on-premise, but can also be purchased as a hosted solution. The solution gives IT teams, system administrators and IoT and IoT teams real-time visibility into what’s going on within their IT infrastructure.

Two methods are used to send Sigfox’s sensor and device operation and performance messages to the PRTG Network Monitor. This concerns the so-called callback, in which the data is sent directly to PRTG via push messages, and an API. In the case of the API, PRTG requests data on all devices connected to the Sigfox network at predefined intervals.

The messages are sent via the PRTG app or by e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram or Slack as soon as the set thresholds are reached. As a result, the IT department is always the first to know about problems. The software also offers an option to automatically open apps that require attention.

It is also possible to set up the dashboard as desired, allowing administrators to see all the information they need. This includes the general network status, but also details such as the speed and performance of fans in specific servers.


Sigfox offers a network specifically designed to connect billions of devices to the Internet based on its Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) and Sigfox Cloud services. The company’s approach reduces the costs and complexity of the systems involved.

In addition, the company has opted for an approach to wireless technology based on the reliable Ultra-Narrow Band frequency. This frequency is resistant to interference, providing the most extensive coverage and minimising energy consumption.

Sigfox’s network provides the technology, protocols and integral wireless connectivity needed to allow objects to exchange data from anywhere in the world. The sensor connectivity also requires few chipsets and energy. In some cases, batteries are not required, but solar, wind and electromagnetic energy are sufficient.

As part of the collaboration, Paessler actively participates in the Sigfox Partner Network. Sigfox contributes to the Uptime Alliance of Paessler.

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