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Microsoft wanted to send standard tips via e-mail to business users of Office 365. But the company’s coming back to that now. There were too many people who objected to the plans and turned out not to be happy at all with e-mails from Microsoft.

Just a week ago, Microsoft informed system administrators that it was planning to email Office 365 and Microsoft 365 users from November 29. These mails then contained tips for the use of the affiliated products. Microsoft also wanted to give tips on how to improve productivity.

Too many complaints

Immediately after Microsoft had sent the mail to system administrators, complaints were posted on Reddit. They said they didn’t appreciate it at all if Microsoft started emailing their users all of a sudden. System administrators also did not appreciate the fact that this mail function was switched over without being asked to do so.

Among other things, system administrators indicated that they feared the consequences of this type of mails. For example, some have given their users extensive training so that people are more aware of phishing tactics. The fact that people now think that Microsoft will never contact them via e-mail, and that this would suddenly happen, does not help.

For this reason, Microsoft is today revisiting its recently announced plans. Microsoft announced to pause the release of this feature. The company said it wanted to give itself all the time it needed to study the feedback. This means that the function will not be available for the time being. Microsoft will let you know at a later stage if the mails will finally arrive.

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