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Oracle informs Techzine about a new solution for public cloud, on-premise and hybrid cloud deployments. Developers have access to cloud-native managed services and on-premise software, while there is also the so-called Oracle Functions. The latter is a serverless cloud service based on the open source platform Fn Project.

The Fn project is a cloud-agnostic serverless platform designed to run in any cloud or on-premise environment. Serverless computing refers to an execution model in which the public cloud provider dynamically distributes resources when a piece of code is executed. The provider will then only charge for the number of resources used to run that code.

Oracle Functions is better described as a “function-as-a-service” and gives developers more control than typical serverless platforms. It allows developers to run a single function or part of an application at the time and in the way it is needed.

The new service is designed to run alongside Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform and Container Engine for Kubernetes. However, the company states that the service also works with other clouds and infrastructures.

“With the growing popularity of the CNCF as a unifying force in the cloud native ecosystem, and with organizations increasingly embracing multi cloud and hybrid cloud models, developers must have the flexibility to build and deploy their applications anywhere they want, without the risk of being stuck with a cloud provider,” said Don Johnson, executive vice president of product development at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Cloud Native Framework

The Cloud Native Framework is an application deployment model that gives customers the freedom to deploy their apps on the infrastructure they choose. In addition to the serverless features, it also offers tools to help deploy, deploy and monitor apps across multiple clouds, including a new streaming platform. According to the company itself, this is ideal for developers who need to collect streaming data from IOT and security applications that need to be processed in real time.

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