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Next Windows 10 update makes error messages more transparent

Next Windows 10 update makes error messages more transparent

If you receive an error message today via Windows 10, you will receive a blue window or a BSOD (blue screen of death) with a KBxxxxxxx message. You have to look up the error message online to find out what went wrong.

For the next major Windows 10-update (19H1), which will be available around April, Microsoft is working on a solution for the KBxxxxxxx messages. Windows 10 engineers are finally realizing that sun error is not very customer friendly.

Microsoft introduces the error messages with explanation first during the Windows 10 upgrade procedure. During a Mixer webcast, Microsoft shows an example where two applications need to be deleted because they are not compatible with the Windows update.

Installation message

In the example you can directly choose which software you need to uninstall in order to successfully complete the installation. After that, Windows 10 shows additional criteria to make sure you can install without any problems. Only when you have taken care of everything, Windows 10 will update further.

It makes the installation of Windows 10 much easier for those who upgrade from Windows 7, Windows 8 or an older version of Windows 10. Since Windows 7 will no longer be supported from the beginning of 2020, clear updates are an absolute must.

Microsoft will also provide software vendors with space for support notes to provide users with information on why certain applications will not work or which features are not compatible.


The clarification of this KBxxxxxxx message is a first step in the right direction, but you will also receive this message during BSOD situations. Microsoft does not yet have a solution for this, so you still have to search online for what went wrong.

Because the availability of Windows 10 19H1 is approaching, we consider it unlikely that Microsoft will extend the KBxxxxxxx notification clarification. Hopefully for Windows 10 19H2 it will work on a more comprehensive solution so that in the future every BSOD or other error messages will give a transparent explanation of why it went wrong and what you can do to prevent this from happening in the future.

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