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“Google Docs much less loved than Microsoft Office by Enterprise customers.

“Google Docs much less loved than Microsoft Office by Enterprise customers.

A look at the figures of identity manager Okta shows which applications are popular within an Enterprise environment, and which lead to frustration. The research shows that G Suite has a long way to go.

Microsoft Office is and remains by far the most popular application within Enterprise environments. This is clear from the Business at Work report by single-sign on-specialist Okta. Okta obtains its figures from its own users, where the identity manager has a good overview of which apps are being used. It combined these data with data from a survey of 1,200 (American) respondents. Although the data are fascinating, we do not dare to call them representative of the entire sector.

Microsoft Office 365 is by far the widest rolled out application. (Picture: Okta, click for high resolution)

Most striking is the popularity of Microsoft Office 365, which is by far the most widely used service for all respondents. Competitor G Suite only comes in fourth place with about half of the users. Respondents also say en masse that they prefer Microsoft’s offer to that of Google. 67 Microsoft prefers Word to Google Docs, while only 15 percent indicate the opposite. Even more striking: 16 percent places Google Docs even in their top three most frustrating applications to work with.

Outlook versus Gmail

Google’s mail client also seems to need some work in a business context. 49 percent prefer Outlook to Gmail, 35 percent prefer the opposite. According to the figures, G Suite seems to be by far the most popular in application development environments. Enterprises that use development tools are three times more likely to choose G Suite than more traditional companies.

The enthusiasm for Office 365 does not mean that users rely entirely on Microsoft’s applications. For example, 28 percent of companies set Microsoft Teams aside in favour of Slack, and prefer 24 Zoom to Skype.

Security trump

Okta’s report also shows, by the way, that security is becoming more and more a priority. LastPass, for example, is the second fastest growing app, KnowBe4 that helps to train staff in the field of security is the strongest growing app. This shows that companies put their money where their mouth is: research by various security specialists shows that phishing is one of a company’s main security concerns, and such a training application protects employees against that vector.

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