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Microsoft plant unveiling Lite OS this summer

Microsoft plant unveiling Lite OS this summer

After numerous leaks, Microsoft would finally have set a date for the official introduction of Chrome OS-competitor Lite OS. In the meantime a first mock-up of the interface shows us what to expect.

Microsoft continues to work feverishly on Lite: an operating system that has to compete with Google’s Chrome OS. Brad Sams knows that from the Petri website, which also published the previous news about Lite. In the meantime, Sams saw an early version of the operating system in action, and made a mock-up that he thought was representative of the user interface in the current phase of development.

As predicted, simplicity is key, but the OS retains a style reminiscent of Windows. With its simple interface, Microsoft focuses on casual users who would consider a Chromebook today. The operating system needs to be lighter, less complex, and thus promises to be easier for the average user compared to Windows 10.

Limited applications

Initially, the operating system will only run Universal Windows applications and Progressive Web applications. In the long run, Microsoft hopes to add support for Win32 apps, for example by running them in containers.

The first tests of the OS are scheduled for this summer. It even seems that Microsoft will reveal Lite already at the annual Build conference in May. Then we hope to hear exactly what Microsoft expects from Lite, and how the new operating system will differ from Windows RT and Windows Mobile. After all, two of Microsoft’s two most recent attempts to launch an OS outside Windows itself ended in a sizzling.

(Image: Petri)

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