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John McAfee has said that he is suing Calvin Ayre, promoter of Bitcoin SV, for 800 million dollars (708 million euros) and is going bankrupt. Calvin Ayre would have said that McAfee committed a murder. That’s AMB Crypto‘s report. The lawsuit follows a previous dispute on Twitter between the two.

Calvin Ayre, promoter of Bitcoin SV, and John McAfee, who still supports the original bitcoin, had a fight with each other on Twitter in March. Ayre then tweeted pictures of himself drinking rum with a “Cuban dance team in Havana”. People reacted fiercely to the photos, because the ladies in the images didn’t look like dancers and looked like minors. Ayre denied that.

McAfee also responded to the photos. “John McAfee here. As an unsolicited advice from the King of Badass: this is a dark alley you walk into. Because of your association with the crypto world, you’re unfortunately pulling us with you. You’re a smart man. Wait a minute and look at your reality.”

Ayre himself reacted quickly: “As if I need advice from someone who is wanted in Belize for killing his neighbor, as is the case with McAfee. It was a swim party, get over it.”


McAfee’s comment was taken over by the website Coin Rivet, who also said that Ayre had been “referred to Interpol, the police and charities against child abuse”, because of the pictures. It implied that Ayre was guilty of child abuse. Ayre filed a lawsuit, and Coin Rivet admitted that the claims weren’t true.

It seemed to be quiet for a while. But McAfee now turns out to be angry about Ayre’s murder charges. “Coin Rivet indicted by Calvin Ayre. I’m suing Calvin for $800 million. Calvin claimed I committed murder. Completely unfounded”, says McAfee now on Twitter.

He also states that although lawsuits in Cuba are “difficult”, Ayre has assets in other countries where he is going to focus his attention. McAfee says he found those assets and is going to bankrupt Ayre. He is even said to have charged Ayre in “four different countries”.

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