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CloudBees acquires Electric Cloud for an unknown amount

CloudBees acquires Electric Cloud for an unknown amount

CloudBees has taken over Electric Cloud, a continuous delivery and automation platform launched in 2002, for an unknown amount. CloudBees is an enterprise continuous integration and delivery service, and the largest contributor to the open source Jenkins automation server.

CloudBees plans to integrate the application release automation platform into its own solutions. The intention is also that the 110 employees of Electric Flow will work at CloudBees, says TechCrunch.

“By combining the power of CloudBees, Electric Cloud, Jenkins and Jenkins X, we now offer the best CI/CD solution for every application, from classic to Kubernetes, on-premise to cloud, self-managed to self-service,” said CEO and co-founder of CloudBees Sacha Labourey.

Electric Cloud offers its users various tools to automate their release pipelines and to manage the application lifecycle afterwards.


Christina Noren, CPO of CloudBees, said during her keynote at the company’s developer conference that their customers are becoming more sophisticated in their DevOps platforms, but that they are now encountering new problems. “What we see is that these customers are disconnected and have fragmented islands of information,” says Noren.

“Every developer team has its own vision and there is no common language, no common data model and no end-to-end process that connects them from left to right, from top to bottom.” CloudBees is working towards such a kind of integrated system. The acquisition is therefore a first step towards building a complete software delivery management platform. However, other companies are likely to follow suit.

Today’s announcement comes after the acquisition of the CI/CD tool CodeShip by CloudBees last year. CodeShip is now a stand-alone product in the company’s lineup. With the acquisition of Electric Cloud, new products are added, which together with CodeShip form an even more integrated system.

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