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Palo Alto Networks has unveiled a new cloud security suite designed to help customers live safer digital lives. The new suite is called Prism and aims to simplify access, data protection and application security.

Prism consists of four different components: Prisma Access, Prima Public Cloud, Prisma SaaS and VM series. Prisma Access needs to secure cloud access for offices and mobile users around the world. The program will soon be running on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and the service will be expanded to more than 100 locations for a faster and more localized experience.

It also gives customers access to a streamlined cloud management user interface that allows offices and users to get up and running quickly. Prisma Access also offers capabilities specifically designed for service providers to enable fast delivery of secure outbound Internet connections for customers.

Public Cloud and SaaS

The suite also includes Prisma Public Cloud, which provides continuous visibility, security and compliance monitoring of public multi-cloud deployments. The data is viewed on the basis of machine learning, after which Prisma Public Cloud assesses the risk in the cloud environment.

By means of a so-called “shift left” approach to security, it is now also possible to further reduce the risk of a hack. This is because it makes it possible to detect vulnerabilities and to repair incorrect configurations in customers’ infrastructure-as-codes templates. This allows developers to reduce the risk of attack without losing flexibility.

Prisma SaaS, in turn, is a solution that enables the safe acceptance of SaaS applications. The CSB service offers advanced risk discovery capabilities, adaptive access control, data loss prevention, compliance assurance, data management, user behavior monitoring and advanced threat prevention.

VM Series

Finally, there is the VM-Series from Palo Alto Networks, which is the next-generation firewall for both private and public cloud computing environments. The solution can be used in AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and VMware NSX. VM-Series is also enhanced by infrastructure-as-a code automation for deployment and configuration, reducing complexity.

The four products from Prisma are available immediately.

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