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SUSE has launched a new flagship operating system: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Server (SLES) Service Pack 1. This operating system should reduce the distance between the server and clouds.

SUSE itself calls it Multimodal IT, writes ZDNet. This means that SLES SP1 integrates cloud-based platforms into enterprise systems, merges containerized development with traditional development, and combines legacy applications with microservices. This means that there is one operating system, with many roles.

All versions of SLES and architectures get a common code base. Also, SLES has hardened, business-critical additions, such as optimized workloads, data security and reduced down-time. The transition from community Linux to enterprise Linux should continue with just a few clicks. Organisations can also install applications via the SUSE Package Hub.

SLES also includes improved support for peripheral workloads. For example, SLES 15 SP1 for Arm 15 supports twice as many system-on-a-chip (SoC) processor options. This enables support for storage and industrial automation applications on a 64 bit Arm server and IoT devices. For 64 bit Raspberry Pi devices, there is support for full HDMI audio and video.

Life cycle of 13 years

Service Pack 1 also includes full support for AMD’s Secure Encrypted Virtualisation (SEV). SEV makes it possible to run guest-virtual machines in encrypted memory. This will better protect them against memory scrape attacks from the hypervisor. SP1 also supports AMD Secure Memory Encryption, which uses a single key to encrypt system memory.

Finally, the SUSE portfolio is easier to install with improved Modular+. The Unified Installer can install more portfolio products including SUSE Manager, SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time and SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service.

SLES 15 comes with a thirteen-year life cycle, with ten years of general support and three years of extensive support. The current version – SP1 – is fully maintained and supported up to six months after the release of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP2.

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