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During its conference DattoCon19 , DattoCon announced more than twenty new products and updates aimed at faster performance and greater user-friendliness for managed service providers (MSPs). Among other things, the company is introducing a new version of SIRIS.

For example, Autotask PSA receives new Account Dashboards, which provide direct insight into what is happening in a company and what actions need to be taken. The dashboard now also includes real-time snapshots of the health of each account. Also new in Autotask PSA is Oppertunity UI, which offers a direct understanding of what happens with every sales opportunity. The layout is customizable and includes a timeline to view sales speed, a checklist of steps to facilitate a conversation and an insight rail to understand related customer points.

In addition, Autotask PSA includes the option to automatically create invoices. The service automatically counts how many units have been sold and adds them to the account. Finally, there is now a new version of LiveMobile for iOS and Android. The iOS variant gets a native ticketing experience, allowing IT employees to customize tickets, add times and attach attachments to their phone. On Android, the app contains native dashboards, menus and grids.

For Datto RMM, the company has announced a Networking Integration, which should appear in the third quarter of this year. This gives partners the opportunity to monitor and manage MSP-centered network and managed power devices. RMM will also receive a new Suggestions Engine, which will guide users along interactive learning paths in the application.


Datto has also announced SIRIS 4. As a business continuity & distaster recovery (BCDR) solution, this version has been optimised for MSP efficiency, with better backup capabilities, higher virtualisation performance and a longer lifespan. Inside are the Intel Skylake Cascade lake-CPUs, which contain extra cores and their own write cache (SLOG).

In addition, the Direct-To-Cloud project came out of the beta and is now available as Cloud Continuity for PCs. This is an image-based, all-in-one BCDR solution for PCs. Cloud Continuity for PCs offers reliable backups of PC data, the ability to restore a complete device image or individual files and advanced PC virtualization.

With SIRIS Private it is possible to use SIRIS as a private cloud for small and medium-sized companies. According to Datto, this is particularly suitable for sectors such as healthcare, financial services and government, where the mixing of data is often not permitted. SIRIS Private allows MSPs to deploy a self-contained BCDR solution, which offers a safe and closed environment.

SaaS and networking

Datto announced at its event that it had entered into a partnership with Vade Secure, allowing Saas Protection to be expanded to integrate advanced e-mail filtering native into Office 365. The whole should provide a multi-layered approach to security and data protection, protecting clients at the highest point of vulnerability and restoring data from every point in time.

The all-new Network Manager provides an efficient layout and audit log that captures actions, events and alerts. Datto is also introducing a new generation of switches in the field of networking: the E310 Series. Built on a new hardware platform, the E310 switches feature 10Gb DAC-supported uplinks, faster switching backplane, smaller and quieter form factor, layer 3 features, 802.1x, and enhanced security features.

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