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Datto launches Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure. Service providers of Datto’s backup solutions have a new, pre-built monitoring and configuration platform at their disposal.

Datto Continuity entails Datto’s entire backup portfolio, consisting of physical and virtualized hardware for creating, storing, securing and managing backups. In practice, the portfolio is regularly provided by service providers. They typically work with Datto RMM, a monitoring and management platform for endpoint security. Datto’s backup solutions can be provided as a service to end users from this platform. This requires the development of integrations. Partners are responsible for the development. A necessary evil, discontinued by the launch of Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure.

Through Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure, Datto introduces a pre-built monitoring and management platform for the service of backups in Azure. While the aforementioned integration of Datto RMM and Continuity has made it possible to achieve that goal for some time, users of the new service do not need to develop their own integrations. Azure serves as a virtually ready-to-use base for storing and managing customers’ backups.

Limited to Azure

The pre-built integration is a welcome addition. The big question is whether Datto will continue to limit the capability to Azure or whether ready-to-use integrations for other cloud environments will follow.