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Google has launched the Google for Small Business portal. The new website recommends products that are most suitable for SMEs.

According to Kim Spalding, global product director at Google, small business owners struggle with time. As a result, they do not have time to become experts in the field of digital marketing. According to her, Google’s Small Business portal is therefore a place for everyone to start using Google products, according to TechCrunch.

Google launched its new portal at the Google Learning Center in New York during International Small Business Day. The internet giant offers various workshops and lessons in the Learning Centre.

Digital strategy

Spalding argues that the portal is useful for start-ups, small businesses as well as more established businesses that are starting to develop a digital strategy. On the new website, users can enter their company name and any available website. Google then asks them to answer a few questions about their company and goals.

In addition, Google creates a customized, prioritized list of actions to take. Think of launching advertising campaigns, building the presence of the companies online or installing Google Analytics.

Smart Campaigns

Although the Small Business portal has a wide range of products, the global product director emphasises two so-called hero-tools. For example, Google my Business ensures that business owners can create their own profiles and websites, a completely free product. In addition, Spalding also appoints Smart Campaigns …as a starter. Google introduced this option last year to automate the ad purchasing process for small businesses. Smart Campaigns integrates new developments in the field of machine learning into its advertising services. The idea is that this way marketers can better optimize advertisements and thus have a wider reach on all platforms.

Machine learning

Google sees machine learning as extremely useful for improving consumer products. This innovative technique can be used to automate and optimise certain matters. Since Google is one of the world’s largest players in advertising, it was a matter of time before machine learning would come wider to the company’s advertising opportunities.

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