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CyberArk has expanded its SaaS platform for privileged access security with new services. The platform should provide companies with a cloud-first strategy with better protection and easier management of privileged access, especially in hybrid cloud environments.

The SaaS platform has received an entirely new service in the form of Alero. Alero is a solution designed to reduce the risks associated with third-party access to critical systems.

Alero does this by providing zero trust third party access to the Privileged Access Security Solution for a complete overview and management of activities requiring higher rights.

Through a combination of zero trust access, biometric authentication and just-in-time provisioning, users get easy protection and better management of privileged access. No VPNs, agents or passwords are required. The onboarding process is also becoming shorter and now only takes minutes, according to CyberArk.

Endpoint Privilege Manager

CyberArk has also renewed Endpoint Privilege Manager. This is a SaaS-based solution that reduces the risk of uncontrolled administrator access on Windows and Mac devices.

Endpoint Privilege Manager now has just-in-time capacity, enabling companies to reduce risk and operational inconvenience by providing admin-level access to endpoints for a limited period of time. A complete audit log can also be made.

Finally, Privilege Cloud has had several improvements. With these privileged access SaaS solutions, mid-size companies can better localize and manage privileged credentials across the organization. Privileged sessions can also be audited for compliance purposes.

Privileged Access Security Solution

CyberArk also expanded its portfolio of privileged access solutions in March with version 10.8 of the Privileged Access Security Solution. This version offers automatic detection, alerts and countermeasures for unmanaged AWS accounts.

Version 10.8 of the solution was also given just-in-time access to hybrid environments at its launch, allowing users to easily switch between cloud-based and on premise Windows-based systems.

There is also constant identification of privileged accounts, such as unused identity and access management accounts.

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