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Zoho has redesigned WorkDrive in order to meet the demands of its growing customer base.

Zoho empowers business teams

As outlined in a statement from the company, WorkDrive now provides the underlying document management across all Zoho business applications, allowing for unified search, single storage, contextual integration, as well as many other vertically integrated capabilities.

These new additions are designed to meet the increasing trend of sharing and collaboration between teams, according to Zoho.

“Sharing and collaboration must be implicit in workflows and business processes, rather than be patched onto solutions that originated as consumer and single-person models,” the company states.

Zoho chief strategy officer Vijay Sundaram says, “WorkDrive creates a common, unified file system across all business processes, so the business context is easier to understand and preserve, making the system significantly more valuable to the customer.”

New applications and features

In addition, Zoho has announced a revamped Workplace suite of productivity applications. This includes Cliq, Notebook, Connect, Writer, Sheet, Show, Showtime, Mail, Meeting, and WorkDrive.

Furthermore, Workplace now features an integrated app dashboard that houses customisable widgets that display information from each of the nine apps included in the suite.

New additions to the service include:

  • Built-in Zoho Office suite (Writer, Sheet, and Show)
  • Team Folders, a shared workplace with role-based member permissions for cross-team collaboration and storage
  • Virus scanning, encryption, and WAN acceleration at the platform level
  • Image, video, and document conversion services
  • Integration with Zia, Zoho’s AI assistant, providing unified search as well as OCR in applications such as Zoho Notebook
  • Advanced analytics, data administration, and granular access controls
  • Advanced external file-sharing feature, allowing users to collaborate with external stakeholders while maintaining control of the files
  • The ability for external users who have edit permission to add files to a shared folder or edit shared Zoho Office Suite files
  • Advanced team management capabilities, allowing administrators to manage settings at the team and Team Folder levels

Along with the WorkDrive announcements, Zoho also shared the news that the company has reached 50 million users around 180 countries, a significant milestone.

The company now has 10 data centers in different locations around the world, which support more than 45 different applications offered by Zoho.