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Over the past year, data, development and security tools have become more popular. The number of apps per organization increased by six per cent compared to the previous year. That’s what Okta told Techzine after analyzing anonymized customer data.

According to Okta’s data, the use of tools to address data issues increased the most. This category describes Okta as ‘solutions to make informed decisions quickly’. In the top ten of fastest-growing apps, data-related tools can be found. Snowflake, a data warehousing product that brings together data from different sources to prepare data for analysis, is the fastest-growing app, growing by 273 per cent annually. Other data tools that are growing rapidly include Splunk (102 per cent) and Looker (86 per cent).

Okta expects a lot from Snowflake based on the statistics. It is now the sixth time that the company has collected such figures. Slack rose the fastest in both 2014 and 2015, and has now become a multi-billion dollar company. In 2016, Zoom was highlighted by Okta, while Jamf and KnowBe4 scored high in 2017 and 2018.

General observations

Security stacks are also increasing in priority according to Okta, with Envoy and KnowBe4 taking the lead. Development tools are also on the rise. For example, Atlassian Product Suite is jumping to the fifth place of the most popular tools, while GitHub is number 13. The entire list is a mix of newcomers and established solutions like Office 365, Salesforce, AWS, and G Suite.

The statistics are based on data from Okta customers, although they give a good overall picture of today’s market. For example, Okta also notes that 10 per cent of its customers currently use at least 200 apps to achieve productive and secure collaboration in the workplace.