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Having all agendas, notes and files of members of a group conveniently together inone app: Microsoft seems to want to introduce such a feature with Spaces, which should debut under Outlook.

At the end of 2019 it became clear that Microsoft was already working hard on a management tool for groups, but that would come as a service from Microsoft 365. The more extensive version of Teams, called Project Cortex, would be able to submit information regarding calendars, contacts and files to a larger group using existing Office apps. These apps also included Outlook.


Still, Spaces seems to be specific for Outlook for now, since the first aspects are only visible when users (logged in to their Microsoft account) go to the Outlook url with the Spaces extension. Although most users get to see that that page is currently under construction, using devtools some have managed to get a clearer preview anyway.

A video of what Spaces exactly is can also be found on the page: made by Microsoft itself. Still, the tech giant doesn’t want to talk much about the possible arrival of the service. Microsoft sticks to the standard ‘no statements are made about rumours or speculations’. When the actual release of Spaces will be is therefore not yet known, nor if Microsoft wants the service to function similarly to Project Cortex.