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End of support for Windows 10 1709 postponed by six months

End of support for Windows 10 1709 postponed by six months

With an approaching deadline on which support for Windows 10 version 1709 would stop in mid-April 2020, Windows announces a significant postponement of execution. The version of the OS for Enterprises, Education and IoT will continue to receive security updates for another six months.

According to Microsoft itself, the postponement of the end for this version of Windows 10 is due to the fact that ‘people have enough on their minds right now’, so there is no time for worries about the imminent loss of security updates for the OS. It is not explicitly mentioned, but of course this is a clear reference to the corona virus.

Updates will still be offered in the usual way (with new releases every month) until 13 October 2020. However, Microsoft recommends IT teams to switch to Windows Update for Business, in order to roll out updates faster within companies.

Support for the Pro, Home, Pro Education and Pro Workstation Editions of Windows 10 1709 ended a year ago, one and a half years after its release at the end of 2017. The version that came after that, 1803, is also no longer supported for the mentioned versions. For Enterprise and Education versions, this support runs until November of this year.