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The new Virtual Events combines LinkedIn Live with LinkedIn Events to help companies build their brand.

Virtual Events users can use LinkedIn Live to live stream to their LinkedIn page followers or participants of an event. They can use external streaming tools including Restream, Wirecast, Streamyard and Socialive. According to LinkedIn, more streaming applications will be added. Virtual Events users can also share their event with their page followers or send direct invitations to direct profile connections. Once a virtual event is over, the content is stored on a new Video tab on LinkedIn pages.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn also gives its customers a new way to add announcements to their LinkedIn pages. Companies can use announcement banners to keep followers informed of news such as new acquisitions. LinkedIn also adds a new Polls feature and non-profit, and school pages get access to a new “volunteer” call to action button.

The new normal

In these turbulent times, companies are continually asking the question: ‘how to proceed?’ These companies must ensure that employees can be as productive as possible while working from home. But they must also be able to provide customers with customized services.

“We understand that one of the biggest adaptations you’ve had to make is the way you bring your professional community together,” Ajay Datta from LinkedIn wrote in a blog post. The latest features for LinkedIn Pages are “designed to help you connect to your community through virtual events and share key updates. All for free”.

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