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VMware acquires disaster recovery company Datrium

VMware acquires disaster recovery company Datrium

VMware acquires disaster recovery player Datrium. With this acquisition, the virtualization giant wants to strengthen its position in the rapidly growing market for disaster recovery.

With the announced acquisition, VMware will gain control of a company that mainly focuses on disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS). Datrium is an existing partner of VMware and provides services for VMware Cloud and AWS, among other things.

Analysts are surprised by the acquisition. Datrium’s technology was originally a solution that had to compete with VMware vSAN storage virtualisation software. Specifically, Datrium’s solution offers incremental backups that are encrypted, de-duplicated and stored on Amazon S3 storage.

Integration in VMware cloud portfolio

Datrium’s technology will be integrated into VMware’s cloud services offering and should further expand the site recovery portfolio. VMware’s ability to provide disaster recovery is particularly important because of the increasing use of hybrid cloud environments by businesses.

According to VMware, great disaster recovery enables companies to better manage their environments and the applications they contain while keeping costs low. Further details about the acquisition have not been disclosed.

DRaaS market growth

The acquisition of Datrium by VMware also fits well with the company’s strategy to secure its place in the rapidly growing DRaaS market. Total sales in this specific market segment are growing at an annual rate of approximately 4.5 billion dollars (4 billion euros), according to calculations by market researcher IDC. Again, it is indicated that these services are particularly suitable for hybrid cloud environments.

The acquisitions don’t stop

VMware has recently acquired several companies. In May, VMware purchased the Kubernetes specialist Octarine, while in June the anti-malware researcher Lastline was obtained.

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