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Data loss is very common and ‘honest mistakes’ are among the most commonly quotes causes of data loss. Back in the day, lost data was lost for good unless you had access to reliable data recovery software that are typically costly and hard to use. However, life’s about to change now as Microsoft has come out with a new tool that intends to make file recovery a piece of cake.

Windows File Recovery is software designed to recover lost documents and files from a variety of sources including hard drives, SD cards, and USB drives.While there are several similar platforms out there, this one takes the cake as it’s an official Microsoft product. Plus, it’s free. The data recovery business has taken a hit with this new tool.

How Can I Get Access to Windows File Recovery?

The software can be downloaded through the Microsoft Store. It only supports Windows 10 2004 and above. There are no other stringent requirements. The file is small and only takes limited space. You must have a Microsoft account to be able to download the file. Don’t worry, it’s free to sign up.

How Can I Use Windows File Recovery?

It’s important to waste no time and to turn to the tool as soon as you realize your mistake. The longer you wait, the riskier it gets. The software offers two modes: signature and default. 

The default mode works on NTFS systems and can be used for formatted or corrupted devices. On the other hand, the signature mode can adjust to specific devices, i.e.: it can recover data from a USB drive.

Get your hands on the tool today to ensure you can quickly recover files you’ve lost due to any reason.