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Microsoft adds new Teams features, like AI-powered virtual spaces

Microsoft adds new Teams features, like AI-powered virtual spaces

Microsoft unveiled a couple of new features for Microsoft Teams as demand continues to rise due to the coronavirus pandemic and ongoing workplace changes.

First in the list of the new Teams’ features is what Microsoft has called “Together mode.” According to Microsoft, this feature will change how users interact virtually through video. The feature employs AI segmentation technology to place participants in a virtual space with a shared background.

The Together mode feature was added to address users’ feedback that they felt disconnected during virtual meetings since moving to remote work. The aim is to make virtual meetings more engaging while reducing varying background distractions and allowing participants to concentrate on other people’s faces and body language that is essential for human interactions.

“It’s great for meetings in which multiple people will speak, such as brainstorms or roundtable discussions, because it makes it easier for participants to understand who is talking,” explained Jared Spataro, corporate vice president of Microsoft 365.

Dynamic View

Another remarkable new Teams feature is the dynamic view. This gives participants a more intelligent and flexible way to interact with each other and the content during the meeting. By using Artificial Intelligence, the feature optimises shared content and video members, including the capability to display shared content and specific members side-by-side.

Teams is also including new meeting features such as chat bubbles, reflections and live reactions. The latter will enable members to share their ideas without interfering with the meeting flow. With chat bubbles, all chats sent during a meeting will be displayed on the screens of all participants, making chat more relevant to the subject of discussion.

Other features in the Teams perk include reflective messaging extension, speaker attribution, and video filters.

When can users enjoy the new features?

The Together mode and the dynamic view features are available now. Microsoft announced it would roll out the other features in the coming weeks.

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