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Google unveils Android 11 Beta 2 with design tweaks and modifications

Google unveils Android 11 Beta 2 with design tweaks and modifications

Google unveiled Android 11 Beta 2, the updated test version of its mobile operating system (OS), introducing a couple of new design tweaks and modifications.

The release has achieved a notable milestone which Google refers to as “platform stability.” This means the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Applications, and other key features shouldn’t change between today and the final release.

Android 11 will be a game-changer

The latest test version comes with features that will enable developers to work on Android 11 compatibility updates without worrying about changes. According to Google’s Timeline, milestone, and updates, there is one more Android beta release between today and the final release of the OS.

Android 11 Beta does not involve any drastic modifications from Beta 11 release in June, with UI and design changes front and center. The most noticble change is in the new Android screen recording feature, which made its first appearance in the Android 11 developer preview.

According to 9to5Google, the application now comes with an icon in the quick-setting menu and other new features that allow users to change the audio source of the recording. Now users can record audio from internal device audio, microphone, or both. 

The application switcher in Android has been made more user friendly with a simpler layout, adding a new text selection icon. App pinning in the share menu has also been made simpler with a pin icon close to the app that has been pinned, instead of the pinned app occurring at the top in the previous Android test versions.

Android 11 launch date

It remains open speculation as to when Google will launch Android 11. However, according to a video released by Google on YouTube (which has since been deleted), sets the date on September 8.

Considering that Android 10 was officially launched on September 3, the set date makes sense. However, that could change since it is not clear whether the date is set in concrete.