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Developers can now build Android apps on Chrome OS much easier

Developers can now build Android apps on Chrome OS much easier

Google just launched their ChromeOS.dev site to help developers start building Android apps for the company’s Linux-based OS. With this new update, Google is making it easy for developers to develop and test their apps on Chromebooks.

The ChromeOS.dev site is available in English and Spanish for now. The plan is to expand the language options so that users who are accustomed to other languages can utilize it fully. With this platform, developers can maximize their capabilities.

It has technical resources, exciting tutorials, product announcements, samples of code, and other great offerings.

The Android Emulator is included

When Google announced its last quarterly earnings, Chromebook sales were up 127% year-over-year compared to the 40% for Notebook sales in general. The announcement about this site is a way for Google to enable Chromebook users to do all their development on one device.

Google offers a full Android Emulator on the Chrome OS (available only on M81 and above). With it, the work is much easier for developers. They can now deploy and test apps without using developer mode or connecting external devices using USB.

Other updates

These Android-centered updates are not the only thing Google announced. They also said that they are launching a small but useful update to the Linux beta, focusing on the terminal. Using this update, Linux on Chrome OS will have an improved terminal that includes shortcuts, tabs, themes, and a settings redesign.

Android Studio is getting a minor update too. Now, there is a new Primary/Detail Activity Template. It supports app-building efforts for large-screen devices like Chromebook tablets and foldable devices like the upcoming Microsoft’s Surface Duo.

Developers have long had to jump through unnecessary hoops that take too much time and make it hard to work on everything needed from one device cohesively. It just got easier.