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NetApp, a data storage provider, is updating its software service to help users utilize their hybrid information technology infrastructure. The company said that new capabilities would be added to its NetApp ONTAP data management software.

With these capabilities, NetApp customers will enjoy deeper integration, continuous data availability, and more consolidation. All these possibilities will simplify and bring efficiency to business-critical apps running on-premises or in the cloud.

NetApp brings additional options to the Keystone Flex Subscription to provide a more flexible pay-as-you-go subscription for companies that want to experience a cloud-like environment on-premises.

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NetApp pivots

The cherry on this cake is a new NetApp SolidFire Enterprise SDS solution. This software-defined storage method can be deployed on any hardware to be the basis for a customer’s private clouds. Traditionally, NetApp sold data storage hardware.

However, as that business faces tough competition from public cloud providers like Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS, the company has been putting more effort into data management software in the past few years.

Currently, NetApp follows a ‘cloud-first’ policy that ensures customers can access their data wherever it is in a manner very similar to being hosted on a local file system.

Cloud-like experience on-premises

NetApp said that the updates are essential because users can extend data management from on-premises environments into the cloud to optimize data security and performance and, subsequently, reduce costs.

Digital transformation is on an accelerated timeline to a point where projects that would take years to accomplish have deadlines that span a few months or just weeks. According to NetApp President César Cernuda, the company wants to make it easier for customers to develop apps in the cloud, move apps to the cloud, or have cloud-like experiences on-premises.