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Data integration company Qlik has announced the acquisition of system integrator Blendr.io. The two companies will collaborate to improve the integration of Active Intelligence in Qlik’s platform.

Blendr.io enables Qlik to expand its data integration and data analytics offerings, the company writes in its press release. By integrating with Blendr.io, Qlik hopes to make its data analysis more widely applicable.

500 SaaS applications

Blendr.io is an iPaaS solution that allows the user to bring the data of more than 500 SaaS applications together in one overview. Over 100 customers and 1,500 users use the service.

Qlik has a much larger customer base, with over 50.000 users, spread across more than 100 countries. The company specializes in providing insight into the large amounts of data that business have to deal with.

Making analysis easier

Now that the companies are working together, Qlik users can theoretically analyse the data in all those SaaS applications more easily and in real-time. Companies can use this data to make more informed decisions in the future.

Tip: Qlik works on a platform for the next phase of business intelligence