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Microsoft Teams saw a massive spike in users when the pandemic started. Over the last six months, the growth has been accelerating. Yesterday, during an earnings call with investors, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said Microsoft Teams now boasts 115 million daily active users.

Six months ago, Microsoft reported that they had 75 million daily active users, indicating that the new numbers are a 50% rise.

It is not easy to compare Microsoft’s numbers to their closest rivals, Zoom, and Google. Both companies report active daily participants, meaning a single user can be tracked through all their meetings in a day.

Zoom and Google are still the biggest competitors

Earlier this year, Google had 100 million daily active participants, and Zoom said that it had 300 million daily active participants. Slack has not been left behind as it saw some growth earlier this year. Microsoft has been making updates to Teams as the pandemic rages on.

They now allow virtual participants to choose who they sit next to in a virtual meeting. The NBA used this Teams feature for basketball games in the summer.

Microsoft even opened their doors to third-party apps, made the service generally available to the public, and promised that they would bring features like breakout rooms before the end of this year.

Teams will continue to grow

Nadella revealed that LinkedIn is now up to 722 million users. It has been gradually growing, adding more money to Microsoft’s coffers. Microsoft acquired the company in 2016 for $26 billion. With even more innovation to come, we can only assume that Microsoft is looking forward to an upward trend in Teams.

The software is necessary, now that people are not allowed to go anywhere and have to work from home. Hopefully, the new features will make the experience more interesting for users.

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