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Red Hat is shifting toward containers in a big way

Red Hat is shifting toward containers in a big way

IBM’s Spectrum storage products are now moving towards Red Hat, the company it acquired last year. IBM Storage unveiled a storage software family for Red Had OpenShift (ROHS.) The company also said that it intends to deliver software-defined, container-native storage solutions for ROHS and Kubernetes container environments.

The development of the new storage products could take up to two years, but IBM and Red Hat believe they will add simplified storage for container deployments. Eric Herzog, the IBM CMO, and VP for w-w storage channels, said in a blog that the container-native offerings for block, file, object, modern data protection, and discovery are what they want to bring to Red Hat OpenShift.

The vision in the future

Eric also said that IBM Storage is designed to help simplify storage for container deployments and hybrid cloud. Bringing these technologies ensures that the process from conception to the deployment of apps is faster and more streamlined, with fewer chokepoints along the way.

The Red Hat OpenShift environment is full of containerization support products from IBM.

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We will talk about all of them briefly to understand how Big Blue is using the Red Hat shift to get deeper into the enterprise containerization development era.

ROHS’ products

These are the seven Red Hat OpenShift product announcements:

  • Spectrum Scale brings a containerized client and run-time operators on ROHS.
  • Storage Suite for Cloud Paks brings more support for container-native data access on ROHS.
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage supports open-source s3fs file to object storage interface, combined with ROHS.
  • Spectrum Protect Plus now has expanded container-native and container-ready storage support.
  • Spectrum Protect Plus server is now deployable as a container using a certified ROHS operator, with metadata protection to recover apps, namespaces, and clusters to a different location.
  • Spectrum Discover supports ROHS OCS (Container Storage)
  • Hybrid Cloud business continuity blueprint for the ROHS OCP (Container platform) allows containerized apps to migrate with persistent storage between on-premises and public clouds, enabling disaster recovery and workload migration.