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IFS gains expertise in utilities vertical

IFS gains expertise in utilities vertical

Swedish software company IFS has acquired Clevest Solutions. Clevest specialises in workforce management in the utilities branch. IFS wants to use this knowledge to improve its service management offerings.

Clevest and IFS

Clevest specialises in personnel management in the field of utilities. The construction of electricity and water networks are some examples of this. The company creates software to keep track of the workforce in that industry.

IFS is also mainly active in the service industry, although that company does so on a somewhat broader scale. Of IFS’ 10,000 customers, 8,000 work in the service industry. With the acquisition of Clevest, the company hopes to further expand into the industry.

Perfect strategic partner

“To accelerate the global growth of the company I founded almost 15 years ago, I found in IFS the perfect strategic partner”, Thomas Ligocki, CEO and founder of Clevest said. “By bringing together these two companies, we will undoubtedly be able to offer the best Field Service Management, Mobile Workforce Management and Advanced Network Deployment solutions on the market. It also brings new opportunities and clear benefits to Clevest partners and customers as they seek new ways to scale globally.”


IFS has acquired several companies in recent years. Astea International is an example of this. EQT Partners, the owner of IFS, also acquired Acumatica last year.

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