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If you wondered how long Microsoft would continue to provide driver and firmware updates for specific Surface tablets and PC’s, then wonder no more because the software behemoth has released information about that.

Last week, Microsoft publicly announced device support dates for some of their Surface tablets and PCs. Some of the older Surface Models had their end-of-support dates announced, but the newer models did not.

The device support period typically means the duration of time when a device company will provide updates for a device’s drivers and firmware.

The concept of device support periods

The device support period starts when the device is released for sale. After the end-of-support date is reached, Microsoft says that it will continue to release Windows OS features and security updates included in the Windows 10 lifecycle policy.

The early Surface models (Surface RT, Surface Pro, and Surface 2) had five years of driver and firmware support. The recently released devices have support for only four years.

Microsoft officials say that Surface devices will get driver and firmware updates for at least four years since the release date. In some cases, where support lasts more than four years, the company says it will have an updated end-of-servicing date before the last date of servicing.

OS updates will continue

As for the operating system, Surface devices will fall into the Windows 10 servicing convention. It means that Surface devices will receive feature updates twice a year.

The H2 feature updates have received 30 months of support, and H1 updates get 18 months of support.

Microsoft said that it would continue providing the semi-annual channel updates for Windows 10 until October 2025.

You can get the information about the Surface devices here.

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